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Streamlining of CGHS
Reimbursement of Claimes relating to Medicines prescribed outside the CGHS Formulary procedure from chemists
Cost of Medicnes purchases by CGHS Beneficiaries for OPD Treatment are not reimbursable.

Conditions for Supply of ODMedicines for major diseases prescribed by the Specialists of Private hospital recognized under CGHS, through CGHS Dispensaries.

Medical Facilities to CGHS Beneficaries while on Tour, Leave or in Emergency.

Ciling for Reimbursement of the Cost of Coronary stents, Rotablotar, Single chamber pacemaker and Dual Chember Pacemaker to CGHS Bneficiares

Modification to instructions regarding Reimbursement of the Cost of Coronary Stents, Rotablator, Single Chamber Pacemaker and Dual Chamber Pacemaker
Reimbursement of the Cost of Heart Pacemaker to CGHS beneficaries
Provison of Cypher stent (Serolimus Eluding Coronary Stents) to the CGHS beneficaries.
Reimbursement of the Cost of Knee and Hip implants
Revised Ceiling for reimbursement of Expneses on Purchase / Replacement of Hearing Aid
Reimbursement of Complete denture for CGHS beneficaries including pensioners and thier family memebrer.

Follow-up treatment of CGHS beneficiaries in recognized hospitals

Reimbursement of the cost of OPD medicines for treatement in post operative conditions like Cardiac Surgery, organ transplanation, Knee/hip replacement, Neuro surgical / neurological cases and cancer.
Fixation Celling limits for nebulizer to be reimbursed under CGHS and CS (MA) rules.
CGHS Facilities to the Family Members of Central Governemnt Servant no residing with him/her
Issue of temporary Family Permits on Transfer of Employees
Issue of Temporary Family Permit on Deputation/ Foreign Assignment of Employees.
Temporary Family Permit to the Family members of the Government Srvanct transferred to Norh- Easter States.
Temporary Family permit to the family members of the Government Servanct transferred to Andamal & Nicobar Island or Lakshadweep.
reimbursement when Pensioners take Treatment immediately after Retirement befoe getting CGHS card
Condonation of Delay in gettting CGHS cards prepared by Pensioners.
Decentralization of Settlement of Medical Claims of CGHS beneficaries
Reimbursement of Medical claims in repsect of Officials admitted in the Hospitals before retirement and discharged after superannuation
Procedure for Referral to recognized hospitals simplified
Delegation of Power under CGHS relating to refereal system, premission cases and Ex post Facto Approval.
 Instructions regarding issue of Medicines to the CGHS Beneficaries for Chronic Illness, Reiterated.
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New Hospitals & Labs with
effect  from 01/10/2013 under
CGHS Trivandrum for details
click on Empanelment.

We are looking for a Doctor
with MBBS preferebly MD
Medicine for contractual 
appointment. Doctors those
 retired from Govt/Public
Sector Undertaking below
the age of 65 only need to
apply.For Details contact
Additional Director's
Office, Kesavadasapuram